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Re: EV Project-San Francisco

Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:40 am

One important thing to know (which no one from Nissan, or your dealer, or Ecotality tells you) is that you can and SHOULD request the $700 rebate as soon as you get your car, or you might not get the $700 rebate check.

I qualified for free Blink program, which includes the free EVSE and a $700 rebate on the cost of the car's fast-charge port. I was told I'd get the $700 check within 2 weeks of car purchase. More than 3 weeks after delivery, no check. So I contacted the dealer, who said he'd expedite it. More than 4 weeks after delivery, I called Nissan directly and was told there was no record of a request for the rebate. My dealer then forwarded me the email he sent under the procedure Nissan had outlined for requesting the rebates. So, there seems to be a problem within Nissan.

Here's what I learned that may be useful to others:

- Nissan does not issue the $700 rebate unless it gets a request from the buyer or the dealer. Since Nissan seems to have lost my dealer's request, I recommend calling Nissan yourself at 1-877-664-2739 (NoGasEV) to get the rebate process rolling.

- The Nissan customer service rep I spoke to said this is not the first time she has heard of the late rebate checks, and "early on" in Leaf deliveries she requested that Nissan send a communication to buyers and/or dealers explaining the process more clearly. She heard nothing back.

- I think Nissan could simply tell buyers who qualify for the Ecotality Blink program to contact Nissan and request the rebate once the car is delivered. All it would take is adding another feature to the Leaf website -- when it shows that you've qualified for free Blink, the message should also tell you how to get the rebate process going.

- The rep I spoke with said anyone is welcome to call her if you need someone to troubleshoot for you. She is Lindsay at 1-877-664-2738 Ext. 457271.


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