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Re: On the Radio right now-NPR "Science Friday" Leaf vs. Volt

Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:08 am

TimeHorse wrote:As for taxing gasoline, I do want to tax it and remove subsidies but I also want a kind of voucher system set up so that the poor can have their fuel use subsidized.
That sounds complicated. A simpler idea would be to use the revenues to reduce the social security payroll tax (a very regressive tax) for low income earners. That is, make it tiered like income tax.
TimeHorse wrote:EDIT: The term I'm looking for is Inelastic Good. Gasoline is an inelastic good because as prices go up, people still need it so they'll pay any price. It doesn't follow normal supply and demand and the Price Elasticity of Demand = 0. (Thank you NPR's Planet Money!)
Gasoline better not be purely inelastic, because then raising gas taxes won't have any effect on consumption.

Cheers, Wayne

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Re: On the Radio right now-NPR "Science Friday" Leaf vs. Volt

Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:19 am

First of all Speech to text on this phone Is totally awesome

Second of all I also agree that Creating Pain by raising taxes Is also a mistake That will most certainly De rail what little Economic recovery we have Achieved so far.

Third of all, You are right It would be very nice To have a program Like c 4 c To help pay for that new electric car But money does not go roll on trees. Increasing the gas tax Will help pay for that program.

But most of all Need to start redistributing Money needs to start Immediately. And changing the tax structure and rates is exactly what that does.
Which is the reason why i Recommend a slow increase. A penny per gallon tax Is an additional 4,000,000 dollars Per day in revenue.
How fast we increase the tax Should be He dated (lol...repeated "debated" 3 times!!) But the question
Of when should not. Make it one penny per quarter or whatever we think the economy can handle but it really needs to start the day

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Re: On the Radio right now-NPR "Science Friday" Leaf vs. Volt

Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:47 am

TimeHorse wrote:In other words, it's too soon IMHO to start turning the screws of taxes on the gasoline consumer.
Actually it is very late. Peak oil is upon us - I'm guessing you are either unaware or ignoring it. If the govt doesn't push the oil prices up - China & India consumption will do it for us.

edit : I'll yank off the oil tax subject into its own thread.
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