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Re: EETimes-- Tesla Co-founder: Family Cars won't Go Electric

Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:10 pm

I don't even remember what FUD means ... lookup ... Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.
Living "in a bubble", I am so sheltered from these terrors, I guess.

But it's your choice, to spend your life involved with FUD, or ...
to choose CCC perhaps? (Caring, Confidence, and Credibility)?


Or, perhaps LLL: Learning, Laughing, and Loving? :lol:
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Re: EETimes-- Tesla Co-founder: Family Cars won't Go Electric

Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:05 pm

indyflick wrote:As an aside, have you noticed that nearly all articles written about EVs (including this one) in the last six months or so, typically have reader comments regarding the EVs/coal FUD? Sometimes the article itself includes this FUD. It's interesting to me because these posters are often not your run of the mill Internet trolls. Many are able to craft a credible appearing post, albeit based on BS. The scientific research is readily available on the Internet which shows it's BS. So I must conclude they are posting that FUD for ulterior motives. Maybe it's time for the EV tribes to go on the offense, spreading ICE FUD, rather than to continue to play wack-a-mole with the EV hating FUDsters in the comments sections.
It is pretty well known that industry and political groups try to "game" the comments section of news that might effect them. The very recent breakup of a conservative group that was "gaming" Digg comes to mind. These people scurry away into the shadows, regroup and just come back (with multiple screen names per individual). The real question to ask is who funds these groups to sit at computers and sift through articles and try to spin them. These people are very easy to spot though. A real individual comment will be just that, personal and unique. An industry/political troll will be discouraging and always fall back to generic "conflict" talking points when confronted.
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