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GCC: Voltaiq survey on battery industry finds analytical challenges and resource constraints as major obstacles to produ

Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:02 pm

Voltaiq survey on battery industry finds analytical challenges and resource constraints as major obstacles to product development ... ltaiq.html
Voltaiq, a developer of advanced battery analytics solutions, has released, in partnership with Total Battery Consulting, an industry survey examining many of the challenges and opportunities battery manufacturers, suppliers and integrators currently face.
  • The global battery industry is facing unprecedented growth and change. Over the next decade, as we continue the shift to an electric economy, we will see an increase in demand and production for lithium-ion battery technologies. Performance, capability, and reliability of batteries are paramount to industry growth, but there are significant challenges standing in the way. This survey sheds light on some of these challenges, and we hope it will kickstart a conversation on how to best address them to ensure the industry remains on a path to keep up with demand.

    —Tal Sholklapper, CEO of Voltaiq
Conducted in Q1 2019, the survey polled professionals from a broad spectrum of industry segments, including battery cell producers, battery pack and component developers, academic and national labs, and companies involved in transportation, consumer electronics, and energy storage. While more than half of the respondents were located in North America, other regions, including Europe and Japan, were also represented.

Nearly 35% of respondents said that time to market was their biggest concern about their latest battery project. (Battery reliability was number two at 19%.) This survey sheds light on what might be hindering time to market. When asked to note the biggest bottlenecks in their workflow, respondents’ answers fell into three main themes:
  • Scarcity of expertise and resources. Nearly 40% of respondents cited a shortage of battery engineers as a constraint in their development work. An even greater proportion—more than 44% of respondents—noted that there were insufficient resources for the number of battery projects underway.

    Time-consuming evaluations. More than a quarter of respondents—nearly 27%—listed the amount of time required to estimate battery life as a key bottleneck. Nearly the same number—just over 25%—said there were too many battery vendors to evaluate, while more than 20% said there were too many battery materials to evaluate.

    Data challenges. Survey participants also highlighted their difficulties working with battery data. More than 22% cited the challenge presented by data silos: information they needed was available but not readily available to their team. Another 17% noted problems with data quality: often the required data was messy, inconsistent, or hard to use. . . .
The above, along with other articles about scarce raw material resources and production capabilities, hopefully provides a useful corrective to those who think that the adoption path of BEVs will march exponentially upward with absolutely none of the hiccups and delays that have characterized every other energy or prime mover transition to date.
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Re: GCC: Voltaiq survey on battery industry finds analytical challenges and resource constraints as major obstacles to p

Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:09 pm

1. The weak players will be weeded out
2. Consolidation is expected

Interesting that battery supply is keeping up.
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