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GCR: Gas nears $4 a gallon in California: Will it give plug-in vehicles a boost?

Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:44 pm ... es-a-boost

To answer the question posed by the article, IMO only if it stays there for at least 6 months, as $4/gal. gas is something we've seen often enough to grow used to occasional spikes to that level. My corner gas station has seen quite a price jump in the past month. Regular had been at $3.60/gal. for a month or 6 weeks after being at $3.80 for most of the summer, then when news of the Saudi oil strike arrived it jumped back to $3.80, then $3.96 a few days later, and then about a week ago this past Saturday to $4.19 after California's seemingly annual fall "unexpected refinery problems" caused a shortage. It then fell briefly to $4.10 this past Friday or Saturday , but went back up to $4.20 Monday or Tuesday. Average price in the state today is $4.12, with San Francisco, which usually tops the county list, #2 at $4.28, and oddly enough San Luis Obispo County is #1 right now at $4.288, all according to AAA.
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