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Re: Japanese EV market

Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:38 pm

There are virtually no parking spaces in Tokyo. There just isn't enough room. My nephew who has lived there for over ten years does not even own a car. His employer as well as his wife's employer pay for his Tokyo Rail pass. He saves money on a vehicle that is hard to use around Tokyo by not having to buy insurance, fuel and the vehicle itself. People in Japan are very conscious of waste and using too many resources.
There were many elderly people who died of overexposure to heat last year because they did not want to waste energy by turning on their air conditioners.
Car ownership has been on the decline since 1990 when 7.78 million vehicles were sold. Compared to 5.56 million sold in 2015. Obviously the bulk of these cars were sold in Tokyo. But in my experience there is much more traffic in Seattle, LA or the SF Bay Area.
Other than workman and delivery vehicles hardly anyone drives to work. I think all of these factors have a lot of relevance as to why electric vehicles are not sustaining sales in Japan. People (for the most part) do not have the option of charging at home and they are too busy to stop someplace and charge on the way to or from work. If my cousin ever needs a car he rents one.

Japan is a very unique place. Thanks for the topic.
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