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Check out Nissan Computers

Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:04 pm

In trying to find information on Japanese Nissan dealers, I came across
It seens that this is the family website of the Nissan family business, where they apparently sell computers.

No, it is not connected to Nissan Motors, and apparently there is a big lawsuit (by Nissan Motors) against them (Nissan Computers), that seems rather unfair (to me).

You might want to read about this seemingly-oppressive lawsuit (timeline and basic outline on the site).
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Re: Check out Nissan Computers

Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:34 pm

The guy's name is Uzi Nissan; he's a walking trademark for guns and cars; If his middle
name is V i a g r a he'll have the American brand trifecta; guns, cars, sex.
I can't get too excited about this particular lawsuit.
This is what companies do, big and small, big vs big etc.
Corporate lawsuits are what the courts are bogged down with, not tort cases about some guy pouring hot coffee in his lap at the drive thru.
".com" is pretty irrelevant these days. Just type 'nissan' into the browser field of Firefox, Chrome etal and pops into the front.
More money for the suits this way though.

p.s. I tried to order one of the crappy 3 year old computers from his site. It's not possible without emailing him.
Seems like he's just using this site as an ad filter for people typing in ''. Not that I care, just MHO.

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