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Axial-flux motors vie for a piece of the EV market

Thu May 03, 2018 1:16 pm

Electrek reports on a new type of electric machine being developed for EVs called an axial-flux motor:
Electrek wrote:Axial flux motors are a major improvement over standard radial flux motors, which leave a significant amount of copper overhanging on the ends of the coils. In radial flux motors, any copper not perpendicular to the magnet’s rotation is essentially wasted.

Axial flux motors, on the other hand, offer the lowest possible copper loss. This translates to higher efficiency. In other words, more of the battery power gets turned into useful motor power.

These axial flux motors are also more efficient due to their intrinsically enhanced cooling. Because the coils can be pressed directly against the exterior motor case, they can cool much faster than in radial flux motors, which must transfer the coil heat through the stator of the motor.
Electrek quoting the Magnax corporate website wrote:Magnax enables industrial innovation with axial flux motor and generator technology that outperforms in efficiency, weight, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
I am not familiar with axial-flux machines, but these look very interesting! The manufacturer has a white paper which describes the technology. Here's an image from the manufacturer's website:


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