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Standalone Leaf inverter+motor precharge problem

Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:04 pm

Good evening lads and ladies, time for some experimental nerdiness.

So i'm planning to convert a car with the inverter-motor package from a 2012 Leaf. I'm currently in the development phase and i have gotten all the Canbus stuff worked out (more or less).
I'm testing my setup using a normal 12v battery from a car. However when precharging i'm never able to make the charge finnish, it just keeps pulling a steady 10A from my battery.

So my question is if it's possible to precharge (and run) the inverter from only 12v or if i need to either invest in more batteries or take a bravepill and hook it up to the mains (European 230v) via a rectifier?
I'm guessing there is some kind of discharge circuit for when the system is off that i need to overcome. Note that this is just for testing, it will have a propper 360v EV batterypack when in the car.

Any remotly relevant answer will be apreciated. Let's get this project going! :)

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