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Re: Brake lights

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:23 pm
by CWO4Mann
prebson wrote:I do find myself concerned about this. I'm often being tailgated (around here, people will tailgate closer than one car length while going freeway speeds). If I'm in ECO and take my foot off the accelerator (say because of a slow-down in front of me), there is a real possibility of me getting rear-ended. I know that the regen isn't that strong in the Leaf but it's definitely stronger than in an ICE and without brake lights illuminating the tail-gater behind me will have no clue that I'm slowing. It would be nice if the brake lights would illuminate if the regen was above a certain level.

Also, I find that if I time it right, I can come to a complete stop using regen alone. Again, though, I'd be concerned about being rear-ended by someone behind me who likes to race up to the stop sign and then slam on their brakes. Sure, if I get rear-ended it's their fault, but I'd rather avoid the accident.

I've been rear-ended three times in 50+ years of driving. Each time was a catastrophic accident with me going to the hospital for at least a day .. Each time the worthless asshole who hit me was either picking boogers or scratching his behind when he should have been driving ahead of his vehicle. I have no sympathy for people who tailgate, but realize that they are out there and try to maneuver my car so that I am not in front of someone who tailgates. Sometimes it is unavoidable and you have to take your chances.