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Re: Does Volt estimate range better than Leaf ?

Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:26 pm

ElectricVehicle wrote:
scottf200 wrote:
ElectricVehicle wrote:If you program your destination into the Volt navigation system, the Volt uses the calculated route and terrain information to improve the accuracy of its range estimate.
Note sure where you came up with that? Sources? Are you trying to spread a false rumor and discredit the Volts estimated mileage accuracy or am I misreading your comment? Also there is no terrain information in the NAV as far as I know.
That's a heavy handed attack. You could just ask politlely. And for that reason, the source is an unnamed, prominent Chevy Volt representative, employed by Chevy. Several other were present as said rep insisted that consumers never need to know state of charge because the Volt range o meter is accurate enough under all conditions, according to him. There's more data out there than you are aware of, and not all of it can be publicly disclosed.
Your comment was pretty short and that is why I asked politely if I was misreading your comment.

If the Volt's NAV understood terrain then it would seem they could automatically put it in Mountain Mode (vs Normal) which would reserve more SOC for the long mountain. Manually selecting Mountain Mode drops the SOC the equivalent of ~14 EV miles.

None the less, on flat ground, as I mentioned above with or without the NAV it is incredibly accurate under a variety of conditions. I've had it sense the end of Feb in Chicagoland so quite a range of weather (but not harsh winter yet).
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