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Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:19 am

tps wrote:I have noted 2 unusual things with the brakes:

1. The "grabby" brake problem. This happens occasionally when applying the brakes, and I get WAY more braking than I asked for, which throws me forward in the seat. I'm guessing that somehow the "brake assist" is triggering erroneously. Brake rotors are nice and shiny; I don't think it's rust.

2. Sudden reduction in braking. This sometime happens as the speed reaches less than 5-10 MPH. I'm guessing that this has to do with blending the hydraulic disc brakes with the regenerative braking. Luckily I leave plenty of room to the car ahead of me, so I haven't rear ended anyone yet.
I have grabby brakes as well and I notice it most in slow speed, stop and go type driving. If I am just slowing down to a light I do not notice it. But if traffic is creeping forward and stopping again and again, the grabby brakes show up and I have to apologize to my passengers.

Interesting you mention that second thing because I have had that once or twice. I will go to stop and the brake petal feels harder than usual to press and I had to give it a significant amount more force to stop the car. I was a bit worried after that and had my hand on the e-brake for the next few stops (just in case). But like I said, I have only seen that once or twice over the 9k miles of the car.

I'll try to call CS today and let them know. Curious though, doesn't CS ask you to go to the dealer to get it checked out?
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