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Re: The Aftermarket Traction Battery Thread

Sat May 18, 2019 5:45 am

jsa061 wrote:Allright, so I'm finally done. It was a little more work then I expected but that's what you get when you are an optimist. I changed the battery in my own garage and in hindsight I wish I had invested in better, taller jack stands. The car needs about 70 cm ground clearance, at least if you are going to take out the battery from the back of the car.

After the car had the proper height it was actually not to difficult getting the battery out. I used a lifting table on wheels that I borrowed from a friend. ( Minimum height of table was 34 cm, battery pack is about 26 cm. And some extra cm penalty for taking the battery out from the back of the car) .Then it's easy to support the battery as you unscrew the bolts. Of course, you need to unload the old battery and get the new one on the table - there is some logistic there that took some time as well.

Another issue I had that took a long time figuring out was how to remove the main battery cable. Nissan has made some crazy patent that involves first pressing really hard on one side of the cable-release-mechanism , pull a little and then press another place. Why?

Swapping out the VCM was one of the easier parts of the operation. You just have to remove all the screws you can find on the inside and outside of the glove department and take the hole thing out. Than it's straight forward.

After swapping the battery and the VCM I of course wanted to test the car only to find out I got a lot of error messages. It all boiled down to that the keys need to be registered in the VCM. It's a straight forward procedure that has to do with Nissan immobilizer system. I got no error regarding incorrect battery ID or anything in that regards ( Leaf Spy pro). The range and everything was displaying correctly but it was not possible to get the car out of Park. This is where my part of the job ended. I had to tow the car ( front wheels were locked so I just called the professionals) to Nissan and they actually were quite helpful. They registered the keys with the VCM and now everything is working properly except the app. I'm not able to preheat the car or read out the battery information using the Nissan app. Interestingly, I can see my driving history on the app.

Some pictures:

Hi jsa061,

Did you get to figure out how to make the Nissan App work again?
Or maybe using another App like "My Leaf" or another one works?

And finally just for details sake, I use the App for 3 things: checking status, use AC, start to charge*.
You didn't explicitly mention it but I imagine "start to charge" function also does no work, is this correct?

* - I use this to charge from 80% to something closer to 100% before I go use the car, together with turning the AC on, so I get the most range without having the battery stressed for sitting at 100% for long.

Thanks and enjoy the 30kwh :mrgreen:
(yes, happy for you but also green because I'm jealous ;) I've got an mk1... I guess it won't be as simple...)

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Re: The Aftermarket Traction Battery Thread

Sat May 18, 2019 6:37 am

Driver wrote:
So you could try the HV pairing tool from EVSEnhanced, however, that tool only is certified to work with like for like replacements.
I have sent them a message and waiting for reply.

Dealer accepted to relearn my keys if i replace the VCM on my own... will be only next week to find out if will work or not.
What are these 'keys' ?
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Re: The Aftermarket Traction Battery Thread

Sat May 18, 2019 7:56 am

@SageBrush: I believe it is really the car keys - to open and start the car with.

As far as I understood it, everything needs to be paired/registered with the VCM.
The battery was fine as he replaced both the VCM and the battery from the same donor car.
But the keys were from his car and the new VCM from the donor car wouldn't recognize them.
That is why they needed to be reprogrammed/paired/registered/... to work - making all electronics parts agree that those are the valid keys to open and start the car :)

Notice that he also mentioned (same thread, other answer) he had gotten the keys from the donor car as well, but those wouldn't work because VCM works together with more electronics parts (BCM for instance) that were not replaced.

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Re: The Aftermarket Traction Battery Thread

Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:55 am

I will have 48 replacement batteries please.

https://thedriven.io/2019/06/03/new-zea ... ssan-leaf/

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