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Re: 4 wire pigtail and only 3 places to wire to? Bosch evse

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:31 am
by davewill
valem wrote:In this ESVE adapter, is the Ground on the 14-50r wired to the Neutral (W) on the 10-30p ?
Yes. The 10-30 does not have a ground, only a neutral. Since the 10-30 should be the only outlet on the circuit and the neutral and ground are bound together at the main panel, this hack works fine. Even adapters from Tesla do this. You want to be absolutely sure that adapter gets used for nothing BUT your EVSE, however, as it can cause damage if used with an appliance that expects a 4 wire circuit.

If your 10-30 is NOT the only outlet on the circuit, or your 10-30 is fed from a subpanel, there will be other voltages on the neutral wire, which could cause problems.