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Re: How Do You limit charging to 80%???

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:35 am
by cwerdna
Rolinpin6061 wrote:I wouldn't bother. There's a problem with charging to 80%, actually two problems.
Drive it. Charge it. Repeat. Vary how much you run the battery down, occasionally running it down as far as you can while still making it home or to a charging station. It's made to be charged up and driven. Don't over think it. It doesn't care.
Prior to model year '14, where Nissan removed the charge to 80% option, they had all sorts of warning in the owner's manual about high states of charges. You can d/l a copy from ... nualsGuide.

I pointed to examples of that from page EV-24 of the '13 manual at ... 23#p498123.

There's also literature (unfortunately, not for the li-ion variant used by the Leaf) that suggests that it's worse for li-ion batteries to be kept at higher states of charge, esp. at higher temps. Examples: ... _batteries ... _batteries