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Re: Total battery rebuild! Almost done - but help needed - solved!

Fri Aug 28, 2020 6:07 pm

Did you take any pictures / English language notes for this? I am looking at doing the same for my 2012, 8-bars 24 kWh Leaf. I'm looking at $3000 in 51 Ah battery pouches from Alibaba, I calculate 36 kWh final product. I've seen the Ukraine video:

I'm guessing you bought these? ... 65456.html

(Or similar, 300x100x14.5mm)

I was considering: ... 15485.html


And having some detailed instructions might help me figure out if that might still be able to fit.

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Re: Total battery rebuild! Almost done - but help needed - solved!

Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:40 pm
For English speaking folks:
62kWh usable
70kWh takes from 0 to 100% from a grid
weight +120 kilos to stock 24kwh pack
pack is lowered from stock mounts on 1cm(3/8 inch) with top lid modifications
He starts his trip at 4:45am at 17c outside and battery temp at 25c
Car was been driven on highway(arrival to chademo station at 9:52am) and ambient temp is 24c 341km with 7.2km/kWh temp of the pack at this moment 26c soc 34% with avarage cell voltage 3.55v
After 31min on chademo station current almost didn't dropped: 108.7A from max 115A from station, 63% soc, 20.4kWh consumed from charging station.
At the and of the charging session battery temp as been 38c, soc77.7% from leafspy, and average cell voltage at 4.08v. 44kWh was been consumed from station and charging session was been 1 hour 31min. Current at the end of this session was been 17A.
After 733km he is arrived at the distination(hotel). avarage is 7.8 km/kWh, battery temp is 37c, outside temp 31c, soc 43.6, 3.51v avarage voltage.
Car was been left on L2 charger. after 11 hours car have a chance to consume 60kWh. At the time of disconnection, car was been consuming 4A(220v) After night at the hotel.
Then Dmitry start going back home. After first 300km he got average 10.6 km/kWh with battery temp 28c and soc 67.7% and cell voltage at 3.73v.
At 457km mark he got 10.8 km/kWh.
At 500km he got 48.6% soc, outside temp 32c, battery temp 32c at 3.55v cell voltage.
At 600km mark with 10.9 km/kWh 3.48v cell voltage.
At 630km he got charge soon light.
At 650km mark Dmitry disided to stop. Cell voltage is 3.2v. He decided to call his buddy to get towed on the tow strap to his house.
Autor don't sharing what kind of cells was been used and what kind of LBC was been used as well.
But as far as i know, its LBC what was been build from scratches in Ukraine.

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Re: Total battery rebuild! Almost done - but help needed - solved!

Tue Dec 01, 2020 12:10 am

Montsamu - I did take a lot of pictures, I just don’t know how to post them here...

Yes, the size of the cells were 300x100x14.5mm. I connected them with aluminum tabs that I made myself. It’s a pretty big project, but I think it was worth it in the end... :) As a total I used 192 cells, but naturally in 96s2p configuration. One of the cells eventually went bad, so I had to open up the pack and change it, but after that it’s been working fine.

Pashko90 - Awesome project!

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Re: Total battery rebuild! Almost done - but help needed - solved!

Tue Dec 01, 2020 12:23 am

You have to upload photos to a site like IMGUR (NOT photobucket!) and then link them here with the "Img" button in the post window.
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