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BayArea (Dublin) to Squaw Valley --? do-able ?

Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:55 pm

This question is for someone who familiar with this route:

I am explore a weekend trip exclusively from Dublin- (680) to Truckee/Squaw Valley area.
My last stop before the mountain is Panda Express- for ChaDemo. , then another 77 miles to Truckee.

1. I do have to charge before up to Truckee : there are three: Auburn, Colfax, Cisco Grove - which is safer ?
2. Once I am @ Squaw, I can charge and head back using the same stop ???


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Re: BayArea (Dublin) to Squaw Valley --? do-able ?

Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:50 pm

I can't answer, but I strongly recommend you have memberships (and preferably RFID cards) w/all the major charging networks you might encounter along the way (e.g. NRG EVgo, Blink, Chargepoint, etc.) Otherwise, you'll waste time on the phone that could be spent charging. Or worse, yet, you might have cellular phone coverage problems to boot.

You've checked Plugshare for stations you plan to use, right? And, you have plenty of backups?

Address of the Panda Express w/CHAdeMO? Have you gotten an elevation plot via Google Earth ( ... ts.100653/) so that you know the net gain/loss in each direction?

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