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USA >Canada Leafs

Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:41 am

I talked to Nissan USA about my mom's Nissan leaf and found out there are two things tied to the VIN, the TCU and the Battery. So if your USA Nissan Leaf battery dies, you need to get a new one ordered from a US Dealership to be Activated into the system. Yes, the battery is tracked, and locked to your leaf. That means there is a computer that is also in the batteries that are factory set to your leaf.

Just when you thought things could not get more stupid, US Leafs and Canadian leafs have different Nissan Portals for the TCU units on the back end of Nissan as well as the battery. The Dealer codes are different so they will not activate a TCU from a Canadian Dealership in a US leaf. This is the same with the battery.

US leafs do not require running lights, so those have to be changed out as well. There are a bunch of little things that are different, but it comes down to a complete level of stupid.

This is full levels of stupid that only government can fix sadly. Only the government can Mandate the Companies to allow for warranty work to be done across international lines of Canada and the USA.

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Re: USA >Canada Leafs

Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:22 pm

If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that any Leafs that were brought into Canada from the USA will not be able to have a battery swap done in Canada? They'll have to return to the USA to have the battery swap carried out?
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