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discrepancy in driving efficiency figures reported by carwing & dashboard.

Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:32 pm


I have a 2012/2011 Nissan Leaf bought used 10 months ago.

I have been a bit disappointed by its range since I bought it. I probably can make 80km (50miles) from a full charge, I was expecting something like 100km (60 miles) in the worst case scenario.

The reseller I bought in from what totally ignorant and I was in a rush to change car.

I have a 20 km (12 miles) commute to work and an outdoor power socket at home so I'm somehow still ok.

I typically charge at 80% but I did take note once that I could load 16.28kwh from a low battery level to a full charge.

I have been tracking my driving records with Nissan Connect (carwings) almost from the beginning and it was reporting a very good driving efficiency at 0.12kwh/km in 2017 (that's 8.3km or 5.1miles per kwh).

Anyway, it came to my mind recently that if I really was driving at 0.12kwh/km, I should be able to achieve around 130 km (80 miles) with a 16kwh battery :o This is obviously not even close to my experience :?

Now, when I check the figure given on the dashboard, It reports a totally different driving efficiency of 0.2kwh/km, more in line with the range I'm actually getting.

Is there any known explanation on the discrepancy of data reported by Nissan Connect and the Leaf's dashboard ??

Last (but not least), what can I do to improve my range and what is the typical real life range of a Nissan Leaf 1.0 according to your experience ??

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