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Re: Nissan's LEAF to Home Power Control System V2H PCS

Sun May 27, 2018 4:43 pm

JeremyW wrote:No, I didn't get one. I am closer to V2G projects these days though, but nothing I can talk about publicly.
Any progress? Seems Nissan has continued to make "announcements" for V2G in the US, but little to no followup.

A SolarEdge storage system (or similar) that uses the CHAdeMO bi-directional protocols so that the Leaf becomes the storage battery is the combination I'm waiting for. The functions of solar/grid tied, emergency transfer to a home sub-panel, CHAdeMO (or CCS/Bolt??) bi-directional energy with a generator input will be the basis of my next solar system. Waiting for the combination of existing technologies to make it happen.
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Re: Nissan's LEAF to Home Power Control System V2H PCS

Sun May 27, 2018 10:44 pm

Can't talk. Sorry.
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Re: Nissan's LEAF to Home Power Control System V2H PCS

Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:37 pm

I have imported a Japanese version Nissan Leaf 2012/7. The EVSE that came with it worked well on our grid (between L1 and L2 = 250 Volts)
It charges with 7.5 kW and fills the battery up in less than 4 hours. I made an adaption: Inside in the EVSE is a small 200/20 volts transformer that I replaced with (2 X125V/10 Volt AC - recovered out of power supply adapters) 250/20 Volts.
I am very interested in V2H. Especially a cheap version of it.
These are the possibilities I examine:
Charging the Leaf with sunshine: this is no problem to do it when enough power is generated by the Grid tie inverting system.
I use the EVSE but 7.5 kW is not available, since I have only 5 kW panels installed.
I brought the 250 volt down with a step down transformer and got the EVSE power down to 2.5 kW.
This transformer is bulky and makes too much noise (but I had it)
What I recommend as my best buy since years is the ZENCAR EVSE - a Chinese equivalent that has different power options.
I have a choice of 6, 10, 16, 20 and 24 amps with the swipe of a little (magnetic) card. It has a nice (but) small display that gives you:
The setting (see above) - the real current in use, the power in use kW, the line voltage, the time you are charging and how much kWh the process has taken to charge your battery.

But V2H??
Nichocon sells a system in Japan - (but 200 Volts)
You need a transformer for the whole power pack (200 to 120 +120 V)
and as I heard about $16,000.00 for the V2H (bi directional)

SETEC Shenzen (good references) China sells a inverter (but no split phase) in a box with 2 120 Volts outlets (120 V version)
3500 Watts
It comes with a Chademo plug and cable ( worth about $1000.00)
The inverter with Chademo protocol total price is $3,500.00

They are willing to develop a split phase for us.
Same price for 3.500 Watts
And $6,000.00 for a 6000 Watts version.

Combining this with a grid tie inverter ( with power controller- net meter ) that uses the V2H as pilot the problem could be solved if only
the Chademo AND the J1772 could work the battery at the same time.
This makes a standby generator that can reload the Leaf battery the next day if the grid power keeps on failing (as with hurricane damage)

Keeping the 300 Volt DC open (but can be close to 400 V DC too) may work but the easy EVSE charging NOT at the same time, unless we cheat
on the leaf charger protocol.

A different option could be a bypass on the battery - not without risk - and work with a UPS type 300 Volt DC OFF grid inverter.

Feeding the high battery voltage e.g. to the solar input of a grid tie inverter (need to be adapted) and a zero feed in system makes the leaf
power your house at night too. The generator replacement, however is not possible without grid.

To use the battery of the Leaf - is it woth it? - Li ion batteries are getting cheaper too- and 48 or 96 Volts battery systems have easy to find off grid inverters and MPPT solar chargers.
The voltage is way off from what the Leaf has to offer but there is not a lot on the market that operates from 300- 400 VDC

These are my conclusions. Discussions appreciated.
A 12 Volts inverter from the Leaf (house) battery is also a solution for lesser loads.
Experience with this? The battery is rather small (but is getting charged - (bucked) from the Li-ion battery.

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