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Siemens Versicharger w/WiFi - VCSG30GRYUW - Questions!

Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:06 am

Does anyone here have first-hand experience with the WiFi Enabled version of the Siemens VersiCharger?

The WiFi functionality of this unit is attractive, as we are interested in installing the VCSG30GRYUW at a summer rental property that we own, on the outside wall (unit will be hardwired).

The property is vacant between rentals, and in the off season, and we don’t want to have the charger “available” to be used at times when it is not rented.

The idea is to be able to turn on or off the charging unit, remotely (such as from our home about 100 miles away) in order to make it available to the renters who are staying at the property (the rental property has WiFi and internet access).

We would like to be able to set a charger availability time period, in advance (for example, let’s say that we contract with the renters to rent the property, from say, November 1 through November 7. I would like to be able to go into a calendar in the app, and set those dates (and those dates, only) as “available to charge”. The rest of the time, the charger won’t be able to charge.

Is this functionality supported by the VCSG30GRYUW? I read through the manuals that I could find online, but I could not make a clear determination.


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Re: Siemens Versicharger w/WiFi - VCSG30GRYUW - Questions!

Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:49 am

Looks like the unit will respond to a contact closure to prevent or enable charging. That shouldn't be too hard to set up...

Look at page 27: ... charge.pdf

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