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Gen Support on G inverters

Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:31 am

I've used the "Generator Support" function (under ADV/FX/GEN on the Mate) on my GFVX inverter using my Honda eu2000 generator and it works well. There's a poster on the NAWS forum who apparently spoke to some one at Outback who said Gen support does not work. The documentation of this by Outback is inconsistent at best. It is well documented in the GFX inverter operators manual, is an option on my Mate and seems to work very well.

The best I can piece together is that this feature was at some point slated to be included in all Outback inverters but never was implemented n the VFX inverters.
The G inverters are notoriously picky about their generator power input - requiring grid quality power. But clearly the experience of myself and others is that Gen Support can work on these inverters with the right generator.

Any insights from engineers or others here about the history of this and why it is so poorly documented and why some employees might not realize that it is an option on some of their inverters?

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