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Keep your ODB2 bluetooth adapter in the roadside kit

I stopped at a free EVSE I found on plugshare. When I plugged in the J1772, my Leaf showed the icon for DTC error codes: ( ! ) . I turned the car off/on, then off->ACC->ON, but the DTC persisted. Worse, I could not get the "green car GO" icon when I turned the car On with my foot on the brake pedal.

To get going again, I used the lineman's pliers from the Nissan factory roadside kit to disconnect the negative 12v battery lead for 15 minutes. It was not the "right tool for the job," and it chewed-up the nut a bit, but it worked in a pinch. After reconnecting the 12v battery, the car was happy as a clam: started-up, turned On ("green car go"), and with no DTC error light. I drove to a DCFC, and DC charging worked fine; then I drove home without trouble; then plugged-in at home and L2 charged without trouble (Juicebox EVSE, which I believe does test for a working diode in the L2 charging circuit). I also refastened the battery negative lead with a 10mm socket.

I'm not sure what that DTC was, but it was enough to effectively disable the car. If I'd had my bluetooth ODB2 reader along, I might have been able to clear the code without disconnecting the battery.
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Re: Keep your ODB2 bluetooth adapter in the roadside kit

We have two 2013 Leafs. Both have their OBDII adapters plugged in at all times, have since we got them in 2013. Apparently we lucked out and got some that have low current draw in standby. We have never had a dead 12V battery and the cars have sat w/o being used for over 2 weeks when we went on vacation. However I DO keep a spare one in my glove box as they are known to occasionally burn out. I also help my kids with used car shopping and it is helpful to quickly weed out the cars that will fail a smog test (the kiss of death for used car shoppers in California).

Continuously plugged in makes for 2 benefits: 1. I can easily get the battery status for my records. 2. I sometimes drive my car below VLBW, and I can easily tell how close to turtle I am. Nissan idiots decided that the car should provide NO indication of how much battery life is left when the last fuel bar goes, EXACTLY when I need the info most. If I am 1 mile from home, I care a LOT if I have .5 vs 1.5 miles of battery life left.

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Re: Keep your ODB2 bluetooth adapter in the roadside kit

Yes, my Bluetooth adapter stays plugged in except when going to the dealer (for annual battery check) or when car will be parked more than a couple of days. There have been several occasions with 2011 and 2015 when communication problems between car and DCQC unit terminated charge and set error codes. Clearing codes was only way to get car to charge again either at a different QC or on L2 so having Leaf Spy Pro with the Bluetooth adapter saved having both cars towed to the dealer.

I also keep a suitable wrench in the glove box to disconnect the negative lead of the 12-volt battery because it sometimes requires both clearing codes and disconnecting battery to make the car work again.
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