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Leaf Plus models now on Autotrader.com and Cars.com

Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:15 pm

There isn’t a filter yet that distinguishes the Plus models from the regular models. You have to look at the VIN of the listing to see if you are looking at a Plus. VINs starting with 1N4BZ1 are a Plus, I believe the B designation is for the higher horsepower motor.

A local dealer has a listing with 1N4BZ1 VIN. I went down for a look and it was definitely a Leaf Plus SL. I tried to trade my 2018 SL for it but the lease interest rate was over 6% and I really don’t want to pick up a big car loan right now,

It’s nice to see the Plus in the local market. Financing right now appears to be geared to empty out the existing Leaf stock so don’t expect any deals. Maybe I will try pick up a used or lease deal on a Leaf Plus when my current lease expires.
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