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When will 62kwh version be available in UK

Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:08 am

I think the LEAF + (i.e. 62kwh) already available in USA (maybe Canada too ??) -what do our US cousins think of it ? Does anyone know when -realistically -it might be on sale in the UK ? i.e. ignoring the hype from the marketing folk at Nissan. Are they already building in quantity in Sunderland ? It looks like a real step change in the battery & range & so is it worth waiting for rather than the currently available "half way house version" available very soon in Uk with 40kwh ?

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Re: When will 62kwh version be available in UK

Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:31 am

Ioved from a 2013 Leaf SV to the 62kWh 2019 2 months ago. So far so good. The ability to do 220 - 250 highway miles per charge changes the feel of the car completely.

It does sound like the Hyundai/Kia in reviews do a bit better with efficiency with typical driving styles. That said, the cars are not available in most of the US. Only along the coasts, so choices of 200 mile cars are the Leaf+, Bolt, and Tesla 3SR.

For those in very hot climates in the US, there is some concern about not having liquid thermal mgmt. It’s less of an issue in the north.
Doing 400+ miles a day with quick charging is really very Doable.

In the US once you factor in the dealer discounts, the car is still a bit cheaper then the base Teslas, but the difference smaller then it used to be, so it’s become more a question of personal preference.

With 3 kids, and large grocery / Costco runs to come, the Leaf was our choice because the cargo area was better and the rear seating for 3 nearly adult size children was a bit better.
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