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Caller ID and phone book display

Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:02 am

Leaf 2018, Android phone, Phone book transferred to car, calling works and receiving calls works. Except for caller ID display. Since I travel out of the country quite frequently all phone number in my phone book are in the international format: +xxx xx xxx xxx , for example +386 12 123 456 instead of 012 123 456.

If I'm local and a call comes in from a local number, the number is displayed as local number (which is a normal behavior) and car fails to match the number to a phone book entry. If I'm abroad and the call comes in then the number is in the international format and phone book entry is displayed together with the incoming number.

I've looked through all the settings in the car and I couldn't find if there's something I can set to fix this. Phone book matching should be done without the international prefix, this is how all the phones behave and I am really surprised that this car behaves differently.

With all the other cars this was working as it should and I had no trouble getting incoming calls displayed with the correct phone book entry.

I already tried deleting the phone book and syncing it again but it didn't help.

All the ideas are welcome.

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