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VSP not working on 2017 Leaf Tekna

Sat Sep 05, 2020 4:47 am

Hello, everyone. I'm new to the Nissan Leaf, having just purchased a 2017 Leaf Tekna. I find the VSP system is not functioning and have sent the car to my local Nissan dealer to have this corrected. He says he has compared it with another 2017 Leaf, and, since this also lacks a functioning VSP system he assumes this is normal. I've since been given to understand that, back in 2017, it was illegal in the UK for non-goods vehicles to make reversing warning sounds, and all Leafs imported into the UK then had to have their VSPs inactivated. But I want a properly functioning VSP system as I think the vehicle is dangerous to unsuspecting pedestrians when it is moving slowly in a crowded place. Is it possible to have the VSP system reactivated? My brother has a 2020 Leaf, and the VSP system works fine on this, so I assume it's no longer illegal here.

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Re: VSP not working on 2017 Leaf Tekna

Mon Sep 07, 2020 11:22 am

Hello John, I assume from your username that you;re from the UK (Bideford, Devon). I'm from UK, have a 2014 Acenta and the VSP is inoperative on this as well. Checked the loudspeaker and that seems OK, so there's no signal getting to it. Not that fussed, although jaywalking pedestrians at low speeds can be a problem. One point: there is an excellent app named "LeafSpy" , (others on this forum might suggest using this), which allows you to do all sorts of clever things to a Leaf, but the "Enable/Disable VSP" command doesn't work with vehicles manufactured in Sunderland - I don't know why.

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