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Leaf 2019 error codes

Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:07 pm

Hi , I have nissan leaf 2019, when I made check with OBD I got these error codes:

B130D 1408 TCU

What these code mean?? I didn't notice any problem, except I noticed that the battery temperature become (very high (near the red) after driving the car for 3 hours while the outside temperature is 32 Celsius, is it normal?

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Re: Leaf 2019 error codes

Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:27 am

Those errors are not critical. TCU is that SIM card thing for preheating with app. If it works then ignore.
I also have that Meter CAN error sometimes. Random, it appears to be nothing actually wrong.

When outside is 32C then battery will get much warmer than usual. Try to avoid hard accelerations
and speed above 110km/h if possible to make it more "comfortable" for battery.
Also when battery is near red it will charge slower at rapid chargers. So be prepared for that in case you
do long trips that require recharges on the way.
Avoiding discharge below 20% will also help battery to stay chillier. So better to top up to 30% than at 15%
when you do long distance commutes.

Battery is too hot when it reaches red. Before that it is acceptable for shorter periods (mid-day, some hours).
Try to keep battery temperature up to 2/3 of the scale if vehicle is parked. Park under shade, garage... when it is
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