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Re: Any V2G or V2H charger available yet for US?

Heh. I was going to point to viewtopic.php?p=576427#p576427, but you were involved in that thread. :)

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Re: Any V2G or V2H charger available yet for US?

Sorry if this has been mentioned but this looks interesting, although it is CCS-1 only. ... rger-works
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Re: Any V2G or V2H charger available yet for US?

The Emporia is in it's "design phase" for release in 2023 - believe it when I see it.

Anxious to see how the Ford Lightning/Sunrun home integration system actually performs as it incorporates direct solar inputs for V2H and claims that will soon integrate with V2G for energy arbitrage - using the DC connections of CCS. However, it appears that no one has been able to nail down an actual installation by Sunrun.

dcbel representative keeps stating they are still working the certification issues, but expect to have a workable installation in July - again, we'll see....

Flex Power Control is another to add to the "soon to be" bidirectional EV system:
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