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"The Upside-Down Logic of Electric SUVs"

Title of article in 7/22 issue of Wall Street Journal article.
In this article, the author says, "These outcomes (making big expensive battery powered SUV's) make no sense in climate terms, naturally. Nissan is giving up its pioneering electric Leaf in favor of a big electric SUV aimed at affluent shoppers.
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Re: "The Upside-Down Logic of Electric SUVs"

WSJ, Murdock's paper. Don't subject the birds to this by using the WSJ by using to line their cage.

Behind a paywall, and not worth reading even if free, likely. ... -evidence/ ... gy-column/

The reason why higher end cars are electric first as that is the part of the market where electric cars have the largest market advantage, something the WSJ often cheers for.

I own an e-tron electric SUV. Breakeven is under 10,000 miles as power is mostly hydro. ... 021-06-29/
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