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Re: Leaf not Charging

Even though you have a 2013, you should still watch the video and do the testing explained in it to rule out the diode issue as a possibility. Of the onboard charger (OBC) related issues, that's the least expensive to repair, as you don't actually have to dig out the OBC to install a new inline diode.
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Re: Leaf not Charging

Knoush wrote: Tue May 31, 2022 6:44 am I read in the Norwegian Leaf Forum as it is a capacitor or similar item getting bad and the car symptoms were the same as mine
the part is pretty expensive at 1500 $
US$1500 would get you a second hand complete On Board Charger; a fair bit more for a new OBC I believe.

The tiny capacitors that often blow in the Nichicon OBCs only cost about $1.50.
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Re: Leaf not Charging

Hey guys anybody knows:
1-the location of the Onboard Charger for the 2013 leaf S without fast charger?
under the hood or the back seat like the older models?
2-can i just swap the circuit board ?
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Re: Leaf not Charging

It's in front on a 2013. You can find some info about it here or on Dala's website. Dala has also replaced a 3.3kW charger with a 6.6kW one IIRC although I don't think he has any videos about repairing the charger itself.

And there are many threads here about chargers not working. Sometimes it's as simple as a blown diode. I'd research those before trying to disassemble a charger.
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Re: Leaf not Charging

Likely suspect is something jarred by the hard hit of the pot hole, especially since the car gave you a pull over message. The OBC would not have been energized while driving, but there are main contactors and relays used for Drive mode that might have been tweaked to cause that message.

i would recommend to get the DTCs and follow the clues from there.

On the earlier version there are numerous OBC codes that would point to sections of the board if there were a fault, not sure if that carried forward to 2013 but i would expect so.
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Re: Leaf not Charging

Get the trouble code with an OBD tool and then take it from there. If all else fails you can find an upgraded fast charger from a donor car and put it on your leaf. A real win win. Also check the fuse. There is a fuse in the charge port under the rubber covering behind the plastic socket! Also check to make sure the ground wire is securely connected to the back of the device and the charge port isn't damaged. One of the symptoms before I had to replace my charge port after it melted is that one time it started to charge briefly then stopped.

If you have the timer set for a time 12 hours from now and you plug in a level 2 charger do the lights blink one by one from left to right for a while. It definitely sounds like a fault in the high voltage system.

The part new is 1800 for 3.3 2000 for 6.6 or 3800 for 6.6 + quick charge. ... 22172.html but these are new, OEM parts. Would be cheaper at the scrap yard

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