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Do the bars on the power meter represent watts?

I am wondering if the bars on the power meter represent a particular number/quantity of watts being used or regenerated in that moment?

Ie is there a number of watts - say 100, for the sakes of example - that we can multiply the number of lit bars by, to work out the total number of watts being drawn or being regenerated?

I generally drive keeping the power meter indicator within or below the “eco” range when I can, but I keep wondering what the top end of the “eco” range means - how many watts when the bars are lit to the top end of the eco range?

And, are the number/quantity of watts consistent for every “bar” in the power meter, or do they vary across the meter? If 10 bars are lit, does that mean exactly (or close enough to exactly) twice the watts are being used compared to 5 bars? Would 20 bars be exactly (or close enough to exactly) twice the watts of 10 bars?

2018 40 kWh LEAF.

Any knowledge on this would be appreciated, thank you!
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Re: Do the bars on the power meter represent watts?

Often wonder the same thing myself, but after driving hundreds of hours I still can find no good way to assign a wattage to the little bars.... I have even tried this: assume that my motor is 200 hp and that a hp is 746 watts. This would seem to indicate that if ALL of the little bars are white that about 150kW are being drawn. That would put each bar at about 5-7 kW which I think is too high...... and I can't watch LeafSpy and drive carefully at the same time otherwise that might be a useful tool....
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Re: Do the bars on the power meter represent watts?

I have watched this for months. I keep the energy display up mostly when I drive. This is on a 62kWh 2022.

The white power blocks equal about 10-11kW. It is not quite linear and I observe 11kW on a steep incline and 10kW more when accelerating.

The blue regen blocks are more variable but about 3.5-4.5kW per block. With just one block showing it varies more.

This is not scientific and done while driving trying to watch both displays. Leaf Spy might be more accurate. It will still require a visual check while driving.

Since we're on this topic, those with Nav have probably noted that the energy used for climate control does not include the cabin fan. I assume this is because one is HV and the other is 12VDC,
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