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2013 Leaf SV non-bose with nav sound system upgrade questions

Hello guys I am looking for help, I have been researching sound upgrades for my car because I am tired of the week system that it has. I don't need massive Bass but want overall good quality speakers and I'm getting lost with all the information that is out. So far I have seen that I possibly have 2 or 4 ohm speakers I know I can pull them to verify but my next question is there are also amps that get tied in from the head unit speaker lines that people are putting in to feed to the speakers and if this is the case I'm okay with that but do I still need to stick to 2 or 4 ohm which should I choose? What is a quality speaker you would recommend for the doors? I do like loud clear music, base is always preferred but not the utmost important as a sub can be added later.

So to clarify,
Speaker choice.
Speaker ohm with or without inline amp.
Inline amp model.
Any wire adapters for the speakers so I don't have to cut my harness.
Also any adapters to tie in an amp so I don't have to cut the main harness if possible.

Thank you for your input!

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