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Sudden SOH and CAC drop in my 24KW 2015 Leaf

I am using OVMS to keep track of my battery health. I live in Cyprus so the weather is very hot (44-45 *C in summers) In June 2022, my SOH was around 72 and the CAC (calculated battery capacity) was 48.5. In am charging till 80% unless I will be going to a long jurney. Now In September 2022 my SOH is 68 and my CAC is 44.9. Around after every Charge Cycle, my CAC will drop by 0.1. Do you guys have any idea why my leaf battery is like this? Any ideas which might fix the problem is appreciated 🙏
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Re: Sudden SOH and CAC drop in my 24KW 2015 Leaf

Battery capacity is measured in kWh, not "KW".

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Re: Sudden SOH and CAC drop in my 24KW 2015 Leaf

Unfortunately, it is normal for a slow decline in SOH and battery capacity over time. My 2015 was down to 8 capacity bars after 4-1/2 years and 82,000 miles when I traded it in on the 2019.
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