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Re: Crazy Weather

That's not global warming. That's obsolete thinking from the 1990s.
It has been well documented that the jet stream wanders around drunkenly during years of low solar activity. Warm air ends up in places that are usually cold and artic air ends up in places like new mexico where you don't expect it.
Years of high solar activity the jet streams generally stay where they're supposed to and then "it's too hot" in places are supposed to be warm.
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Re: Crazy Weather

A bit late to this one since I've only had my SV+ since the first of this year, but as to the Jet Streams, its the difference in temperature between the Poles and the Equator that primarily drives them. We have now entered the "Abrupt" phase of planetary warming and the most current data indicates that the Arctic regions are now warming at 4 times greater rate than the rest of the planet. With significantly lower temperature gradient between the Arctic and Equator, the Jet streams are slowing and also becoming more chaotic in their flow patterns. The Jet Streams serve to "steer" storms particularly in the mid-latitudes and the Polar Jets serve to confine the lower temps at the Poles. However, with the disruption in patterns due to warming in the last few years, the Polar Jets can break down and allow Arctic air masses to move southward well into the continental U.S. and at the same time allows warm air to move into the Arctic regions which further accelerates melting of the Arctic Ice. The number of Record Temps both in the north and south latitudes have also been increasing.

The above isn't just my opinion, but can be checked against peer reviewed scientific data. The the effects of dumping large amounts of Carbon into the atmosphere, was experimentally proved in 1856 and warnings were given by subsequent Scientists in the next few years before 1900 that the result would be warming of the planet. At this stage even the most conservative of estimates ( i.e the IPCC) have admitted that warming is now irreversible and is accelerating exponentially.

Its been quite the party since the start of the Industrial Revolution around 1750, and I'm not bemoaning the standard of living its given us, but as been said..."The Piper will be paid".
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Re: Crazy Weather

^^ Well said
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Re: Crazy Weather

Its been quite the party since the start of the Industrial Revolution around 1750, and I'm not bemoaning the standard of living its given us, but as been said..."The Piper will be paid".
I suspect that most of us here on this forum are part of the choir and that your post is appreciated. I am always struck by the fact that the "choir" is trying to live lightly on this Earth which has the effect, slight as it is, of supporting the beliefs of those who do not believe in global warming (i.e. that climate is NOT changing), while the people passing us in the F-350s at 80 MPH are making my projections come true more quickly. We are each trying to prove, through our actions, that the other one is right about the future of the human race.
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Re: Crazy Weather

I'm more sanguine about AGW and our prospects than I used to be. Yes, we're in for some difficult times ahead, I don't doubt that, but frankly, the folks who are in denial about it are in for a big surprise, and there is a lot of movement.

Turns out the sun does rise in the East, regardless of what you choose to believe about it. Huh! Who knew?

At some point, the oil and gas industries are going to have to shift from digging up ancient carbon to extracting the carbon we've already released into the atmosphere and oceans. We certainly have the skills and tech to build global scale industrial plant to do that.

In summary, yes there's tons of work to do, but no, all is not lost in my view.
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