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Re: Volta Free Charging Stations

Well, taxi or not I do hope this business model works out! Would be nice if the advertisers valued this sufficiently to get companies like this to pop up all over the place (or at least at the places I want to go, :) )
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Re: Volta Free Charging Stations

Their map shows one in Salem, but it's "edited" and clicking on it doesn't work.
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Re: Volta Free Charging Stations

TomT wrote:Their map shows one at the Northridge Fashion Center Shopping Mall but I have yet to find it...
It's on the 2nd flr parking structure on top.. Alot of times ICE'd. I've yet to find a Volta that's 240, always 208 here in SoCal.

But they are popping up everywhere. Nothing to object to except they are always ICE'd because of lack of signage.
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Re: Volta Free Charging Stations

(thread resurrection)
Shell is buying EV charging company Volta for $169 million
The oil giant previously acquired a charging network in the UK. ... 59157.html

Shell previously bought Greenlots.

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