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Digital License Plate

I bought a 2023 Leaf in late December, just rolled over 1100 miles and I have to say I love the car.

My question is does anybody else have a Digital License Plate? Mine is by Reviver.

I like the fact that I do not have to deal with the DMV. The plate is pretty industrial and seems very tuff, the battery is supposed to last 4 to 5 years. ( There is a hardwire version )

I saw an example of an Amber / Silver Alert displayed while you drive, I thought that was cool & useful.

I like it, I had to wait for the regular plate to show up but the installation and setup was pretty simple. Here in Arizona, you can not do custom messages, I guess in California and other states where they are legal you can. They appear at the bottom. you can also change some other options.

I heard some people via YouTube whine about their data being mined and sold, but they seem to forget that this has been going on since phones, tablets, Echo, Alexa, Ring and so on have been around. So I don't see the difference.

The big market seemed to be for commercial vehicles, there is quite a bit of telematics that you can subscribe to, just like Geo-Tab
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Re: Digital License Plate

These plates can be hacked, I don’t see any advantage considering the increased cost and lack of benefits to me over a piece of cheap aluminum that might last the life of my car.
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Re: Digital License Plate

Seems like a solution in search of a problem. No way it's worth the $ for me.

Re, hacking, there was this: ... 1849966295.

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