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Using LeafSpy With Ariya?

Hi everybody. Anybody know if there are any plans to get Leafspy to work on the Aryia?
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Re: Using LeafSpy With Ariya?

Welcome. I've made the topic title more specific, as we already have an Ariya topic.
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Re: Using LeafSpy With Ariya?

Welcome and Happy New Year!

I haven't heard anything about Leaf Spy for Ariya.

You may want to contact the app developer, Turbo3, for more info:
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Re: Using LeafSpy With Ariya?

Unless someone buys TWO Ariyas and gives away one to the developer, I'll guess not
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Re: Using LeafSpy With Ariya?

Turbo3 aka Jim could borrow an Ariya for awhile. Many years ago (way before COVID), he borrowed my '13 Leaf overnight to do some testing since he (IIRC) had an '11 Leaf back then.

I recall Turbo3 posting about borrowing an S before to do some testing and development work for TM Spy. Googling for turbo3 tm spy turns up some threads.

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