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Assess risk of buying used 2016 Leaf

Ok, I'm armed with with the Used Leaf Buyers Guide:
  • 2016 Leaf (not sure if it's S, SV, or SL)
  • VIN 1N4BZ0CP7GC313665 (4th character B, so it's 30KWH).
  • Price: $11,830
  • Miles: 90460
  • Capacity bars: 9
  • BMS update: unknown
  • Driven in hot states?: unknown

I plan to run leafspy on the car tomorrow, and check for BMS, vehicle history to check for hot states, title issues etc.

I am a delivery driver who drives around, 12k miles a year in San Diego, which is usually pretty moderate climate. What are my chances of losing a bar of capacity and so qualify for the 100k, 8 year, warranty and get a new 40 kWh battery?

(setting ethics aside for a moment) if I quick charge it regularly, can I increase the chances of dropping a bar?

If I don't qualify for the warranty, what the likelyhood it will meet my minimum standard of having 65 miles range per charge in 4 years?

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