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Message: Key System Error- See Owners Manual

I Have problem with my Leaf 2018. On display it shows "Key System Error- See Owners Manual".
When this message shows: the steering wheel is very light, seat belt signal doesnt work, miles/kilometers doesnt shows, the instrument it doesnt show either how fast you drive it.

This problem came when i took out the instrument cluster to fix the glas, and when I install it back i didnt take off the battery (-) cable. This warning message ("Key System Error- See Owners Manual").
It looks like it have to be activated the car but i dont know how?

I appreciate it if someone can help me with this and give me instruction about to fix this problem?

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Re: Message: Key System Error- See Owners Manual

Two things for starters. Put a fresh battery in your key fob. Is your 2018 still using its original 12 volt battery? When the 12 volt battery ages it loses its peak performance and we see strange messages on the display.

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