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Wanted: 17-inch LEAF Aluminum Wheel

I just purchased new tires. One tire was in good condition so I kept it for a full-size spare. Now I am looking for an aluminum wheel to put it on.

I will have a 16-inch aluminum wheel (Nissan OEM for 2011 LEAF SL) with nearly new tread (but old by calendar) Bridgestone Ecopia for sale after I get the 17-inch spare set up. The 16-inch wheel and tire have been kept in my air conditioned workshop/garage since 2013 in case I needed it. Fortunately, I have not needed to use it yet. I have had several flat tires over the years, but have been able to make emergency repairs with a plug kit and the Nissan compressor.
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Re: Wanted: 17-inch LEAF Aluminum Wheel

Rockauto has them $$$$$$$

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