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Regen while coasting

Hello, I just changed breaks on my 2018 Leaf. When I left the garage I noticed that Regen happens while coasting.

E-pedal is off, the car is in D mode. Can someone test this and confirm if some Regen is normal while coasting on a flat road? ( 3-4 blue bars)

I never noticed that before because I usually drive with e-pedal on but I thought there would be no Regen at all unless I touch the break pedal.

I want to make sure that the mechanic didn't mess up some sort of calibration...

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Re: Regen while coasting

Welcome. Yes, a little Regen in D mode is normal - it's meant to simulate the drag of a typical automatic transmission's torque converter. It would be very nice to be able to turn it off, but you can't. There was a device available for the Gen I Leaf that could give you a 'coast' mode, but Gen II drivers have to make do with 'feathering' the accelerator pedal...
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Re: Regen while coasting

Gen II drivers have to make do with 'feathering' the accelerator pedal...
Or shift to Neutral while rolling down hill- the car will NOT go into reverse when rolling so just coast in neutral and shift back to drive when the car slows down. Abit more efficient than using regen because the motor is less than 100% efficient both driving and recharging.
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Re: Regen while coasting

Seconding dmacarthur, I have a mental map of the downhills I normally drive on.

1) Some require a bit of "gas" pedal pressure to overcome the natural regen in D mode. My goal is to keep the first regen bubble from lighting without lighting up a second acceleration bubble on the display.
2) Some are a bit steeper and the car will stay around the speed limit in D mode with my foot completely off the "gas" pedal.
3) Some are even a bit steeper and the car will maintain speed in B mode with my foot completely off the "gas" pedal.
4) On the other end of the spectrum, some very shallow down slopes are perfect for shifting into neutral without having the car accelerate above the speed limit.

My goal when driving the Leaf is to stay around the speed limit with the minimum use of either pedal. Of course, that's always been my goal in ICE cars as well. Probably why I don't win many stop-light races against the bros.

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