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bug: charge to 80% 120 volt estimates sometimes way off

Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:58 pm

Not sure if there's already a thread for this, but I've noticed this a few times and took a few pics to document this today.

Sometimes, if you turn on "long life mode" (charge to 80%), the 120 volt charging time estimate is WAY off. I haven't been using it much but recently changed my mind to use it more, despite my car being a 2 year lease. I figure I may as well try to preserve the car's range autonomy somewhat for myself instead of charging to 100% @ work each day since we have free juice there.

Today at the dash display's indicated 69% SoC, the time estimates to charge from the Nissan's iOS Leaf app, dash display and color LCD were these:
240V 6kW: 0:30
240V 3kW: 0:50
120V: 7:30

Obviously, the last one is WAY off. It looks like it's probably about right if charging at 120 volts to 100%.

I also hit a bug later today that "fixed itself" (went away after a few seconds) where I was above 80% SoC (I decided to top off at work to 95%) but turned long-life mode back on. I drove 8+ miles and at a power up, it gave --- for the 240 volt charging times and had some non-zero value for 120 volts.

I wonder if this bug is new the '13 or existed on the '11 and '12s.

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Re: bug: charge to 80% 120 volt estimates sometimes way off

Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:51 pm

Nice catch! There should be a standard procedure to report software bugs to Nissan.

I would guess that it is new, both because we haven't seen anything like this before, and because long-life mode separate from a timer didn't exist before. It sounds to me as if the 120v logic is looking at the timer 80% mode but not the independent long life mode.

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