DC Quick Chargers at Nissan Dealerships-Is this a Good Idea?

Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:48 pm


Why are you installing DC Quick Chargers at Nissan Dealerships, which make them only accessible during business hours? Also, why are some of these dealerships charging Nissan Leaf customers for using the Quick Charger v. the L2 charger?

For those of us who have already bought/leased our Nissan Leafs, there's no need for us to visit a dealership unless we need service. We'd prefer to use a Quick Charge station that's convenient--preferably in a place where we can sit down and have a bite to eat or get something to drink, like Tesla is doing with their SuperChargers.

If you INSIST on installing QC stations ONLY at Nissan dealerships, then at least make them available AFTER HOURS. Making them available after hours also ensures that the spaces for electric vehicles won't be occupied by sales staff and other Nissan customers.

Thank you!

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