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Re: Unlocking doors with CAN?

Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:36 am

Turbo3 wrote:
nissanmarky wrote:Hi guys did you ever find the can messages to lock/unlock the door for the Leaf?

I just tried to sniff for messages on the EV can and the normal can but can see no messages when locking and unlocking the doors?
If you check the Leaf Service manual you will see the door switches, the door lock actuators and the Remote keyless entry system are all directly connected to the BCM (Body Control Module). So there is no need for any CAN messages to be sent to lock or unlock the doors. The BCM as all the information it needs to control the doors.

This is why you will never see any CAN messages when you lock or unlock the doors either with the door buttons or remote.

However, as I have stated in previous posts I can directly control the lock/unlock actuator but this does not control the Car Alarm function. So if I unlock the doors using this method and the Alarm is active the Alarm will go off. If I lock the doors using this method the Alarm is not set.

The result is there is no use in using this method as a replacement for using the remote and I will not be making it available. The only use I can see is to allow someone to do a quick unlock of your Leaf (alarm sounding) and grab whatever they see and take off without having to break a window to get in. I don't think that is something anyone here wants to see happen.

Thank you, i have used the BCM - but would be good to know your other method :)

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Re: Unlocking doors with CAN?

Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:37 pm

Apparently the door lock/unlock commands used on the OVMS module work on at least the 30 kWh 2016 Leaf ( ... issues/231). Anyone with the manual know what has changed in the BCM that may allow this to work? Or is it the same setup?

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