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Re: Feasible to drive NorCal to Oregon in a Leaf?

Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:22 pm

I have done this trip many times in an EV, but only once in a LEAF in 2012.

You need to plan an overnight in between Redding and Ashland, Oregon. Make sure that you have your West Coast Electric Highway (AeroVironment) fob for the trip. Just $20 for the month, unlimited charging, cancel anytime.

Drive to Sacramento, where there are lots of CHAdeMO chargers along the route. Fully charge.

Drive the 100 miles to Chico, and use one of the two CHAdeMO chargers in town. You’ll have to drive horribly slow, and even then, you’ll need to stop somewhere to use J1772 for an hour or more.

Then drive the 80 miles to Redding. Use the CHAdeMO charger there, then it’s up the hill for your overnight charge. The camp grounds in Mount Shasta are friendly to EVs, but you’ll likely need to stop somewhere before that. You will also need a 240 volt / 30-40 amp portable charge cable with NEMA 14-50, like our JESLA or JESLA JR.

When you wake up fully charged in Mount Shasta (or someplace before Mount Shasta), your next stop is Yreka for lunch and charging, then up the hill to Ashland.

Good luck!

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