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Audi E-Tron...only $80,450

Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:11 pm

From November Consumers Reports:
AUDI E-TRON, the latest EV from an established automaker, looks like a conventional luxury SUV. It has an understated, classy interior and an excellent ride. We give the Audi high marks, in part because it doesn’t compromise on cabin room and controls like its main competitors, the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X. Driving the E-Tron is a treat. Its electric motors silently propel the SUV forward in a smooth, dignifi ed manner without the head-snapping lunge off the line we’ve experienced in some other electric vehicles. But make no mistake, if a driver needs a quick getaway, a forceful push on the accelerator provides plenty of power. The standard air suspension delivers a superb ride and masks every bump and dip in the road. In this regard, the E-Tron is far superior to the Jaguar and Tesla. But this 5,800-pound luxury SUV doesn’t corner as nimbly as those rivals. The EPA rates the E-Tron’s range at 204 miles, which lags its peers. Like all EVs, the range is likely to drop in colder months. It took us an agonizingly long 12 hours to fully charge the 95-kWh battery from nearly empty on a 240-volt charger. The E-Tron has a finicky motorized door covering its charging port that doesn’t always open or close at the fi rst push of the button. Forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), blind spot warning (BSW), and rear cross traffic warning (RCTW) come standard.

HIGHS Ride, acceleration, seat comfort, fit and finish, no tailpipe emissions, low running costs
LOWS Charging times, range, charging port door
POWERTRAIN 355-hp electric motors; 1-speed direct drive transmission; all-wheel drive
RANGE 204 miles

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Re: Audi E-Tron...only $80,450

Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:35 am

We saw the eTron at a special event hosted by our dealer before they went on sale last spring.

Gorgeous inside and out. But too rich and just too big for our purposes.

We’ll wait for the eTron Q4 expected some time next year. Also want to see the ID 4.

Interesting times.
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