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Re: New member thinking about buying an older used LEAF

Fri May 14, 2021 5:55 pm

If you have never owned/driven a Leaf, then you will probably be impressed by the way the car drives. If you have owned a previous year Leaf, though, I suggest a test drive. I didn't realize it when I leased my 2021, but somewhere around '20 Nissan changed the mapping of the electronic "throttle" and made both Eco and Normal modes milder-mannered. I now find Eco mode too sluggish, although people - women especially - who like a tame car will like it. Normal mode, which I used to find fun for driving fast, but too abrupt for normal driving, is now what I use in all situations except heavy traffic. The car still feels Sporty in that mode, although not as 'muscle car' like at low speeds.
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