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Re: Suspension mods for 18+ leafs????

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 4:30 pm
by bojoho
alozzy wrote: Sat Sep 24, 2022 12:35 am On Juke forums, this rear sway bar for the Juke gets lots of recommendations: ... bar-307065
Hi alozzy,
It is my understanding that this Stillen rear sway bar is made for the all wheel drive version of juke which has a different rear suspension than the Leaf and therefore will not work with Leafs.

Re: Suspension mods for 18+ leafs????

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 6:20 pm
by bojoho
19Svleaf wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:50 pm
As for the coilovers, it didn’t make the ride too bouncy at all?

I've read different descriptions re the word "bouncy" and suspension and comfort. These two questions point to the discrepancy I am referring too.

Is the ride so stiff/harsh that I get bounced around in the seat? (yes, with the damping setting towards the hardest setting. No, when on the softer settings)

Is the the damping effect so soft/weak that the front end bounces up and down for several oscillations after a road bump? (also yes, with damping setting on the softest setting. But No if the setting is at least 5 or 6 clicks from the softest).

Compared to the OEM 2018 40kwh suspension, my new set up ( BCracing coilovers, swift spring 6kg/mm, with front damper set 8 clicks from softest) is much stiffer with a harsher ride. It is not as comfortable over bumps but more than tolerable to me on the freeway for my commute. With the damping setting 6 or 7 clicks from softest, the ride is noticeably more comfortable than above but still without excessive oscillations after hitting a bump. Neither setting is as comfortable as OEM. Freeway drives are tolerable for me, but I usually only do 13 miles at a stent (I-5 and I-405).

Much of the comfort perceptions are based on which other car I have been in most recently. My new ride is not nearly as comfortable as a 2015 jeep grand cherokee or 2019 Pacifica Hybrid oem suspension. My new ride is definitely different than a 2020 model Y on 19" wheels, but the comfort level is similar. A 2020 Model Y with 18" wheels and 6" side wall tires, is noticeably more comfortable but not by much.

What size battery do you have? What is your curb weight? wheel & tire size? If you are looking for a more comfortable ride than mine you may want to talk to the Springrate rep about getting a softer spring rate such as 5kg/mm with a 9" or 10" tall spring instead of the 6kg/mm 8" spring that I have, which I believe is their default for my car.

Re: Suspension mods for 18+ leafs????

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2022 4:38 pm
by dmacarthur
The Cross Climate 2 tires are wearing much better than any previous tires I have used on the LEAFs even though they offer handling and dry traction at least as good as the sport performance tires. Wet traction is better than most other tires I have used on passenger vehicles (certainly better than any of the tires I have used on the LEAFs). Efficiency is a little less than the Ecopias, but better than the other tires.
Wondering if anyone has a comparison between Michelin Energy and Michelin Defender, supposed to give great long-term wear..... they cost a bit less than the Energy and probably have a smaller total impact on the environment if they last longer.....