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Charging Port Door Opens Every Time I Power Off

I have searched but must be missing something simple. I've had my 2015 Leaf for a few weeks and at first I had to press the button to open the charge port, but now it opens every single time I power off. I don't even have to open my door, so if I stop while the wife or kids run in somewhere I have to get out to shut the charge port. Annoying, but I can't find the fix. Help a guy out?
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Re: Charging Port Door Opens Every Time I Power Off

Welcome. This is a new one for me. My guess is that either the button that opens the port is damaged and stuck in, or the button on the key fob that opens the port door is similarly stuck. Check the key fob first. You can test the latter by leaving that fob home, and using the spare.
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Re: Charging Port Door Opens Every Time I Power Off

I second LeftieBiker's recommendations to check the dash button and key fob button (check all key fobs). The car is programmed to prevent opening the charge port door while the car is on. Therefore, a continuous command from either the dash button or a key fob to open the charge port door will result in the door opening as soon as the car is turned off.

I had a key fob fail internally on another vehicle 10 or 15 years ago. The key fob started transmitting door lock commands continuously. It took me a while to figure out what was causing the doors to lock all the time. I removed the battery from the failed key fob to stop the inadvertent locking once I identified the problem.
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